Hello  and welcome to Adam Eason’s  Inner Circle Membership Site

Much of our effort recently has been in the Platinum area as we want it to be the ultimate resource on the web for a Cognitive Behavioural approach to Hypnosis as promoted by Adam’s Hypnotherapy School.

It is quite important that you are a member of  Adam’s Hypnosis Hub  (AND WHY NOT IT IS FREE)

As you will see in the ‘Hub’ (as we call it) there are many discussions and references to the Platinum Membership which is the resource centre for all we do through the Adam Eason School of Hypnotherapy

As an Adam Eason Inner Circle member, here is some of what you will get:

  • Hours of hypnotherapy tuition videos and hypnosis instructional demonstrations in the Platinum area. Much of Adam’s entire diploma course and other seminars are featured in streaming video in the Platinum area. It is one way to supplement your hypnotherapy training and/or learn how to be a hypnotherapist.
  • Hundreds of self-improvement articles, the Adam Up archive, to read whenever you choose.
  • Regular additions — eBooks, bonuses and personal development gold are all going to be available.
  • Regular features — we’ll be adding more webinar recordings to the Platinum  areas on a regular basis.


Enjoy this place!

With my very best wishes,

Adam Eason